Expert Automated Manufacturing
Help For Your Innovative Plant

Trust in expert automated manufacturing system integrators to design,
build and service the ideal automation system
for your manufacturing processes.

Get Ahead In Innovative Manufacturing Without Losing Time & Money

Access 20 years experience in electrical, mechanical and software expertise
for your automation and robotics needs plus 3D printing for fast parts development.

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Custom Automation and Robotics Integration

Custom automation design and build services, from planning to implementation and training, so your lines run better and your staff are confident using the system.

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Fast Installation & Proof of Concept For Automation

Off site and offline testing and feasibility studies so you don’t lose production time when modifying your production focus.

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Continuous Improvements On Your Product Processes

Reduce waste, improve reliability, and increase efficiency on your product systems ongoing.

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Worry Free Robotics Integration For Automated Manufacturing

Use the best automation solutions for your packaging, material handling and assembly processes.

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Custom 3D Printed Prototypes and Replacement Parts

Design and test parts prior to investing in the final product with 3D printing. Stock up on 3D printed wear and changeover parts for quick replacement to minimize downtime.

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Design and Technical Expertise For Innovative Manufacturing

Engineering and software support on staff bring local expertise to your eastern Ontario manufacturing projects. We can design and build, or build from your designs.

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