What’s on the horizon for the manufacturing Industry?

Like most businesses, manufacturing is subject to cycles of stagnation and acceleration. Historically, improved manufacturing has led to the growth of the service sector, which in turn has led to a diminished manufacturing base.
Given the important role that manufacturing plays, what we can expect in the next few years?

Covering Critical Topics

Some of the trends we are anticipating:
  • Local Sourcing
  • Shift in Labor Resources
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • More Transparency

More About Hannafin

Hannafin Inc. works closely with manufacturers to help them reduce costs and improve the speed and efficiency of their machines – without compromising product quality.

If you’ve identified areas which you’d like to optimize further – but aren’t sure how – you can discuss them with us by calling 1 (613) 661-3084, or email info@haic.ca.

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