Your Checklist for BEFORE you move or modify a production line

There’s a lot to keep track of when moving or modifying production lines, but you can use this checklist to avoid unnecessary downtime and problems.
At Hannafin, we’ve helped a range of businesses – from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies – through the process, from start to finish. While each plant’s individual needs will be different, you’ll find the major steps covered here.

Ask the right questions

Hannafin’s Checklist for Moving or Modifying a Production Line will help you quickly focus on what matters.

Example questions include:

  • Have the correct authorities been involved in the new changes?
  • Have you predicted the life cycle of each component?
  • Do you have a plan for the project staff to support the start-up and production phases?

More About Hannafin

Hannafin Inc. works closely with manufacturers to help them reduce costs and improve the speed and efficiency of their machines – without compromising product quality.

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