Are you sure your manufacturing machines are optimized for production efficiency? Optimized machinery can reduce production waste, minimize manufacturing downtime, and prevent unnecessary repairs. But machines on your plant floor get neglected.

Ask the right questions

Hannafin’s Machine Optimization Checklist will help you quickly focus on what matters, enabling you to take stock of your current setup and discover opportunities for improvement.

Example questions include:

  • Have you organized scheduled maintenance?
  • Are you rejecting perfectly good products?
  • Are you certain of your scrap rate?
  • Have you identified barriers to production?

More About Hannafin

Hannafin Inc. works closely with manufacturers to help them reduce costs and improve the speed and efficiency of their machines – without compromising product quality.

If you’ve identified areas which you’d like to optimize further – but aren’t sure how – you can discuss them with us by calling 1 (613) 661-3084, or email

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