From concept to completion, we work with you to seamlessly
integrate new systems into your industrial environment.

With over 20 years of experience providing industrial software design and industrial automation controls to a wide range of industries, Hannafin provides consulting services, project management, support and training to ensure our solutions are enacted and implemented successfully and efficiently with minimal downtime.


Hannafin offers complete industrial automation and controls systems design to industrial manufacturers in Ontario and across Canada. With over twenty experience in a wide range of industries, Hannafin’s experts can help you automate production with a wide variety of solutions, including:

  • Power and Control Systems
  • Industrial Automation Software Design
  • Vision System Design and Integration
  • Data Collection and Reporting Systems
  • Mechanical Design
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At Hannafin, we know efficiency is essential in the industrial automation industry.

That’s why we offer consulting services to improve automation processes. Our expert and experienced team provide needs analysis that identifies opportunities for process improvements, scrap reduction, downtime reporting, equipment efficiency enhancements and more.

Once we’ve worked with you to identify your company’s needs, we can provide customized industrial software solutions to streamline automated production processes. Learn more about Hannafin’s range of industrial automation solutions here.


Hannafin offers project management services at our clients’ request to ensure the industrial automation solutions we provide are implemented into your production environment on time, effectively and efficiently.

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We offer ongoing operator training and support for our wide range of solutions to ensure that your on-site staff are knowledgeable about the automation systems and software in your industrial environment. Training is provided at your convenience and throughout each phase of implementation.


Hannafin is an official Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots, the developer of the world’s  #1 collaborative robot. It is easy to program, quick to set up, and can be used in a wide variety of applications, from agriculture to aerospace.

Learn more about how Universal Robots can help improve your processes here.

If you would like support with Universal Robots, Hannafin can help. Call us at 1 (613) 661-3084 or contact us using the form below.

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Vision System Design & Integration

Unique products require individual solutions, especially when it comes to quality control. When designing your custom vision system, we undergo a discovery process to ensure we fully understand your production environment and your end product, so we can design an effective and efficient solution that meets your distinct needs.


Coming soon.

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What Our Clients Say

“Thank you so much for your great work / partnership in 2017”

Yaser Shehto
Procter & Gamble

“Hannafin Automation completely rebuilt our machine. It is now one of the best running machines we have. I was very impressed with the team. They were very helpful and took the time to explain how the changes would affect the operation of the machine.”

Ron Robinson
Deca Cables

“Highly recommended efficient, competent and friendly service providers. I would ask for their help again”

McLeod Dam

”We cannot express enough how helpful Reno and your team have been in a stressful situation. We will most certainly recommend you to anyone who has any issues in the future”


Rushnell Family Services